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Frankincense, Boswellia sacra


FRANKINCENSE SACRA  Boswellia sacra                  Resin (SD)               Oman
Frankincense Sacra (Olibanum) essential oil comes from the “tears” of the Boswellia sacra .The bark is scraped to exude the resin which is then collected and refined by steam distillation. This particular essential oil from Oman is of excellent quality, many consider this Frankincense to be superior to all others. I love them all. The  Frankincense tears from this region are truly the most aromatic of all and carry a powerfully transcendental energy.The essential oil is very intense in its concentration. It will continue to evolve as  it intermingles within the synergy and integrates with ones body chemistry. This fragrant essence is known as a  psychic energizer,  protector  of the auric field  and a karmic cleanser. Many cultures use this resin in worship, ritual and wholistic healing. Frankincense has been valuable since ancient times. The center of the Frankincense trade was  believed to originate in the lost city of Uber along “The Incense Road”. This trade continues on in this present day and age with the resurgence of natural healing modalities. In traditional Chinese medicine Frankincense was made into a paste to treat skin issues and respiration complaints. Chewing the resin allows the components to enter the body for effective healing while it enhances oral  hygiene. Egyptians are well known for the cosmetic applications made with this resin for skin beautification, perfuming and Sacred Spiritual anointment.  Frankincense is one of the aromatic substances used in mummification for preservation and Spiritual protection. Frankincense is regarded as the “Guardian of the Supernatural” assisting in the bardo of the being after departing from this Earthly realm.
Amazing results are found through various applications of this traditional and time honored botanical substance. Frankincense strengthens the body, soothes the emotions, and embraces Spiritual vibrations. This quintessential oil proves valuable in enhancing meditative states. Calming the nerves, centering the mind and instilling Peace are some of the offered traits from this lovely substance.I love to incorporate Frankincense in many synergistic blends. The  aromatic complexity along with the diverse beneficial factors bring much cohesiveness to a creation.  
My belief in creating a parfum is to allow the unique  personal  essence of the individual to  connect with the aromatic, emotional and Spiritual qualities held within the plants energetic scent and vibration. A Parfum should be in unison with Nature and  compliment the Individual.  One will connect on a higher plane  when resonating with the benefits of precious natural plant personalities. Our parfum is our prayer that is our life style in action.
Incorporating Frankincense into a formulation brings in many rewarding factors for the whole being as well as offering a delightful pure Sacred fragrance.  This precious botanical essential opens the crown chakra, uniting the body, mind, Spirit and Soul  thus allowing transformative healing.

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