• Fragonia

    FRAGONIA  Agaonis fragrans steam distilled leaves and twigs     Ethically sourced  from Coastal Western Australia  

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          The leaves and twigs are steamed distilled to produce the very health prompting essential oil. Agaonis fragrans grows in in Coastal Western Australia. It is important to be ethically sourced, as with all plant oils and especially when the world shifts perspectives we need to be aware of how the harvest is performed. This is a  wonderful essential oil  appropriate for cleaning and clearing of atmospheric energies. As it is  diffused into the air it purifies and refreshes the molecules that we breathe. Fragonia is of great medicinal value much like Tea tree and Eucalyptus, yet with a dynamical different feel. I find it to be smoother and more pleasing to the senses than the stronger antiseptic essential plant oils, especially if used by itself. 

          This quintessential oil is revealing, opening the sinus, the channels of chi and allowing a better panic thought flow. This essence is known to calm the nerves and dispel fears and frustration on an emotional and metaphysical level; empowering, as it opens the lungs, allowing fresh new awareness of the Self to enter. It serves as a doorway between the senses when one is in an open framework. We come to the present moment allowing ourselves to release old stuff and allow newness of life and vitality to enter. Fragonia holds many beneficial attributes including antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal traits. It is helpful with skin care, circulation, respiration and genio-urinary wellness. An unusual aromatic that is a wonderful addition to the palette of aromatic energies.