For the Outdoors

For the “OUTDOORS”

   This is a synergistic blend of essential oils that serve as insect repellents. These essential oils compliment one another in their efficacy and their unison  of scent. There is NO LAVENDER in this one. Lavender is a very popular choice as an insect repellent, however not everyone resonates with this botanical choice. I know a few folks who have developed a sensitivity to this plant. Sometimes certain essential oils should be avoided: when one has used too much of a plant, have applied it neat or  they just do not have an affinity to it are the main reasons. Of course if you love Lavender it could be added into the mixture too !

This synergistic essential oil  blend consists of Litsea cubeba, Rose Geranium, Cedarwood, Ho Wood, Patchouli, Wild Chamomile, Palo Santo & Catnip.
We are offering this  formulation in a variety of ways. The neat essential oils should be properly extended to go onto the body.  One may mix the neat synergy into a carrier base such as the jojoba that we offer which is especially good for maximum body coverage when out in the open air such as when camping, hiking, canoeing and other outdoor activities.The Neat essential oil synergy may also be added into plain water or aloe or another pure base for application directly on the skin. This straight essential oils mixture is also quite useful for applying to screens, center tops and porches as an effective repellant that smells good and of course is much safer than the toxic chemicals that are widely used for these purposes. 
The hydrosol mist is great when out for a bit; it is pleasant to mist the body and also the surrounding atmosphere.        
Available in the following formulations:

Neat essential oil mixture 
10ml @$28.00      1 ounce @ $59.00

Extended into Hydrosol     
2 ounce Myst  @$26.00