I added the following essential oils into a carrier base of our jojoba for body anointment: This may be used all the time, it is relaxing, yet not sedating. It is Love.

Wild Chamomile is a healing herb yielding a potent essential oil that eases discomfort from aches and pains. It is gentle, yet powerful being a “Mothering” plant. 
Ylang Ylang extra superior has a delightful euphoric sweetness as it rises to higher dimensions offering us a glimpse of the celestial magic in the unseen realm.
Rose Geranium brings balance to the mind and body systems. The lovely energy travels through encouraging the ease circulation assisting with a natural flow of energy. 
Marjoram wonderfully eases aches of the mind and muscles. Aromatic molecules bring joy as the scent envelops and caresses from the small leaves and teeny white flowers. 
Lavender relaxes and comforts intermingling with companion essences.
Frankincense resin that is released in the essential oil permeates the flesh traveling within to enliven and strengthen the body with Sacredness & Soulfullness. 
Bulgarian Rose is Love itself.

This pure liquid has a magic contained within itself that offers Love in all forms, for the Body, the Mind, the Spirit and the Soul.

2 oz @ $44.00