Floral Interlude



This is a synergy of  pure essential oils only created to ease  tension & soothe the senses as your surroundings come into full bloom with exquisite floral aromas.

Ylang Ylang Extra Superior,  Lavender, Rose Geranium, Clary Sage & Frankincense. 

4ml neat  @$20.00     10ml neat @$45.00     1 ounce @$108.00

 This is a fine formulation to create a sacred space for peace of mind and meditation.  Create your own atmosphere by placing some drops on a clay object, statuary,  fan blades, clay pots, air conditioning filters, pillows, handkerchiefs, tapestries & stuffed animals to enhance the environment. Cotton balls may be dabbed with essential oils  to emit their qualities. Place drops on a pretty linen to let the scent permeate the atmosphere. They may also be made into spritzers by adding into distilled water for the air.  Great in bath salts and sugar scrubs.  As a pure parfum: Anoint pulse points. Place  drops on hairbrush, comb or hands and run through hair,  anoint  a folding fan, handkerchief, shawl, scarves and gloves. Parfums and Beautiful Scented Blends extend nicely into a jojoba base to lavishly be applied onto the whole body. If light enough, the intimate areas may be anointed and massaged for sensual pleasures.