Fir Needle Oil


FIR NEEDLE OIL  Abies sibirica essential oil is steam distilled from the needles in Russ

10ml @$11.00      1oz @ $28.00
    This is one of the safest and most useful Pine essential oils. It has a bright fresh scent, known to awaken the respiratory channels, easing bronchial distress, clearing the head,  as it assists alleviating cold and flu symptoms. The Fir Needle aromatic values are many: it refreshes and revitalizes the atmosphere while it serves as disinfectant for cleaning the house, office and car. A Very Green scent invites the Forest into the area with the crisp air that feels vibrant and clean. This Forest energy often instills peace and harmony as it comforts a weary mind and offers solace to the Soul.  Great for Holiday aromatizing!