FENNEL    Foeniculum vulgare     Seeds    NOT FOR USE DURING PREGNANCY     Spain 

       Focniculum vulgare, known as Sweet Fennel offers the essential oil from steam distillation of its many small seeds. 
There is also a wonderful CO2 extraction that is delightfully flavorful. Fenkle” was the name for Fennel in medieval times. 
Fennel is a great butterfly plant as well as a culinary herb. One of the beauties of Fennel is that it grows as a bi-annual so 
it blossoms often and the bulb is edible too! I always plant this herb for those reasons and more. I import the essential oil
from Spain and the CO2  from Egypt.
        Fennel has been regarded as a curative since ancient times. Athletes have been known to use this for increased stamina 
and fortitude since medieval days. Fennel is ruled by the planet Mercury, which is especially known for communication. With the 
harmonizing traits and the support to the respiratory system Fennel eases tension allowing clear communication of thoughts.
This regulation of the chi energy in the chest corresponds with the solar plexus, allowing relaxation  supporting efforts from
our will to succeed.
        This herb detoxifies the kidney, spleen and reduces water retention as it minimizes cellulite. The essential oil is valuable
in its tonic effects. With improving digestion it helps to act as a diueretic-lymphatiic toner. This will move out the toxins by ridding
the fats and fluids. As an aromatic carminative it helps to vitalize and strengthen body systems. Fennel is much like licorice in its flavor
and it also has some similar attributes. When one has some tummy disturbances, the flavor is most always appealing. Usually we crave 
what our body needs, especially if we are in tune with this intuitiveness. Fennel  will improving digestion and  it also eases nausea. 
It is not recommended during pregnancy, yet afterwards it will increase the supply of  sweet breast milk  during lactation and is 
a valuable  component to alleviate problems if engorgment occurs .This is especially good for the baby’s digestion through Mama’s milk. 
Fennel preforms many valuable functions particularly with women. Using this herb will help balance hormones throughout the various changes
that women go through during their life span. Virgin, Mother and Crone all relate to this aromatic botanical. Fennel was known for fertility in 
magical protective charms, aiding vitality and fertility. During menopause this essential oil assists in the natural production of estrogen. 
I am not a doctor so I may not recommend taking any essential oil internally as medicine. I can tell you though that with certain essential
oils I do. Also it is our own free will to use our knowledge and experience the healing benefits of nature as we desire. My goal is to speak
of the botanicals that I know and have seen experiences of literally thousands of people from the past three decades. I know women who
use fennel, drink herb tea and incorporate aromatherapy along with nutrition with their mindset who are thriving in their  menopausal years. 

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