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A name of my version of a Benevolent Favashi. These beings are the Zoroastrian guardian angels of all believers & the original celestial model for all created beings. Existing in Heaven before birth & being able to visit here on Earth in a dual nature of Angel & person, they are reunited with their soul at the time of their physical death.

These pure celestial energies come to visit us on occasion. I believe my young daughter Andrea-Rose who transitioned on May 19th 2010 is one of the honored embodiments; a truly Angelic being who took form for near a decade to impart love, joy & awareness through her shining presence. Those who knew her remember her glow, her charisma& her zest for the zoom of life. She touched many a heart at such a young age.

I honor these beneficent & protective guardian spirits .The Spirits of the “dead” are very alive in the celestial ethereal realm. Using the quintessential vibrancy & scent of the pure essential plant oils along with intention, prayer & love allow the entry on the realm of the unseen to come into the vortex of seeing the supposed nothingness.

Rose Geranium                           Feeling the flow of an eternal heartbeat.

Ylang Ylang Extra Superior       Allowing the Dakini Spirits to dance joyously! 

Lavender Barreme                     Attaining higher levels of multidimensional awareness.

Mysore Sandalwood                   Connection of the Divine to & through the Earth body.

Hyssop                                      Allows the breath of the universe to wisp through our presence.

Frankincense                             Clearing any & all old karma with peace & Love. 

Myrrh                                        Healing wounds of separation & grief.

Black Pepper                              Stimulating & seeding new positive thought patterns. 

Helichrysum                               Flow of vitality enhanced through the meridian channels of energy. 

Vetyver                                      Grounding & stabilizing our human form as we occupy it. 

Elemi                                          Accepting psychic input & realizations & actualizations. 

Angelica                                     Open higher realms to experience unseen Godly energies. 

Yarrow                                       Strength of human self to pass our test in this life on many levels.

Galbanum                                   Repairing & regenerating the human condition we presently inhabit. 

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