Nature's Spirit Distinctive Aromatherapy Alliance of International Aromatheripists

Family of Relationships



Oh Great Spirit as we connect with our own soul may we feel the family of all relations.

May we honor our form of life along with that of all creatures. May we feel the elements of Nature and give respect. May we cherish the sun, the moon, the stars with all the celestial beings in our sphere of abode. We feel the Soul and Spirit with all of our senses. Most importantly is with the unseen world. This is the ethereal world filled with energy and Spirit. We pray for Love with gratitude for all of our relations. This prayer for ourselves encompassing all life forms from the now and through the eternal Akashic vibratory waves of time.These plants bring us their Soul-Spirit life forces; offering the expansion of our consciousness.

Allowing a gateway between veils of the common and the mysterious. Feeling the cosmic chakra energy flow through us.

Calming of the brain waves to let lucid dreaming occur. Clearing while purifying our own solar energy chakra center.

Rooting in to gain strength to align with Heavenly powers.
Love of Self along with Love of others, sharing compassion in all situations.

Healing of wounds, bringing some closure to anguish and pain. Perking up the mental acuity to inspire new ideas, fresh starts.

Frankincense Mysore Sandalwood Elemi
Clary Sage
Rosa Damascena Myrrh

Electrical waves of emotional energies comprehended through perception. Accepting being here now to fully accept truths of our karma and dharma. Relaxing the mind with the muscles to allow visions to flow, becoming more clear.

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