Euphoric Entering



      This is a very “heady” aromatic essence. The intention is to relax the mind, allowing the brain waves to calm and release fears. I made for the time of birthing my daughter, hence e the name. The aromatic presence of the calming Clary Sage and Divine euphoric aromatic energies of two types of Jasmine creates a space where one may center on the inner realm allowing the body to respond to natural rhythms. This blend is suited  to be added to compress  (washcloth with warm pure water or hydrosol)  for birthing also.

Clary Sage, Jasmine Sambac, Jasmine grandiflora essential oils.

Straight essential oils are intended for use with proper extension. Typically they should not be used neat/straight on the skin. If to be used on the body, they must be extended in a pure carrier base. I usually use jojoba as it is good for the skin and has an extremely long shelf life as it is a liquid wax, not an oil prone to oxidation. Otherwise the essential oils are usually excellent in a diffusor for the atmosphere or extended into a mist for the air and body. I a parfum blend then it is safe to put a drop or two onto fingertips and massage into hair. Hair carries the molecular aromatics quite well.

1 oz  hydrosol mist infused this formulation @$23.00 

2 oz  hydrosol mist infused this formulation @$44.00