Eucalyptus, Eucalyptus Globulos


EUCALYPTUS EUCALYPTUS GLOBULUS steam distilled leaf from Australia

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1ounce neat  @$30.00

      There are four versions that I am familiar with of this very clarifying and alerting essential oil. Eucalyptus globulus also referred to as Blue-Gum, usually from Australia, is the one most are familiar with. There is also Eucalyptus radiata, Eucalyptus smithii and Eucalyptus Blue Mallee. All offer their essential oils through steam distillation and they carry similar traits. Eucalyptus has a very high cineol 8 content, it is best not used for those under 18 months old due to the potency or anyone prone to seizures.

      Eucalyptus radiata is a narrow leaf version, this type is known as one of the finest medicinal oils produced.  It is extremely effective especially for children and those who are sensitive. The Radiata version is a bit gentler than the other Eucalyptus  essential oils. There is the presence of the constituent of piperitone, which is  also a component of peppermint. Other than that the aroma is quite similar to Eucalyptus globulus.  Eucalyptus Blue Mallee known as  Eucalyptus polybractea is  a particular type of Eucalyptus that  is also used for the same purposes.  Then there is the very potent  Eucalyptus Smithii  also referred to as “Gully gum” that holds  anti-viral healing traits due to a very high cineol content.

      The branches on Eucalyptus trees are shaped such as human lungs, the roots grow like lung bronchi displaying the fact that Eucalyptus is a lung clearing and breathing aid.The tremendous aromatic traits of these leaves will decongest to assist with the opening the lungs, allowing more oxygen intake while supporting respiration and bronchial conditions, therefore easing asthmatic conditions . While opening the sinuses and allowing better breathing it may very well increase mental capabilities and improve cognitive powers; improving concentration and focus. This botanical is known to support the thymus and pancreas so it will contribute in  stabilizing blood sugars. There are tremendous anti-viral and anti-fungal traits contained within the molecular structure of  all the Eucalyptus essential oils. Eucalyptus is well known to effectively ease herpes such as cold sores and shingles. It must be in a carrier base and preferably in companionship with other complimentary essential oils that are significant for the situation when made into a formulation.

      Eucalyptus  increases the oxygen supply of every body cell through its ability to activate red blood cells. Quote from The Aromatherapy Workbook by Marcel Lavabre : “Eucalyptus energetically draws the solidifying forces of earth and water into the clear and dry area of airing light where it attracts astral forces for the production of essential oils. In this respect the essential   oil of Eucalyptus is primarily good for the urinary and pulmonary systems.” This air purifying essential oil is a potent inhalant, great for saunas and steam rooms with the decongestant and bactericidal traits that it exudes.  Eucalyptus  is useful as an insect deterrent as there are insecticidal properties within this plant. The essential oil is great to add into the laundry wash water to kill bacteria and to purify the water.  Eucalyptus essential oils are very practical for cleansing and sanitizing as well as prevention of insect bites or invasion. Nature gives us solutions for situations that need remedies for natural purification and protection.