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Eucalyptus, Blue Mallee


We are offering 4 Eucalyptus essential oils at this time.
The traits of this Myrtaceae are all very similar, yet with some varying traits as listed with each one. 
The tremendous aromatic traits of these leaves will decongest to open the  lungs, allowing more oxygen intake while supporting respiration & bronchial conditions, therefore easing asthmatic conditions .While opening the sinuses and allowing better breathing it may very well increase mental capabilities and improve cognitive powers; improving concentration and focus. This botanical is known to supports the thymus & pancreas so it will contribute in  stabilizing blood sugars. 
There are tremendous anti-viral and anti-fungal traits contained within the molecular structure of Eucalyptus essential oils. Eucalyptus is well known to effectively ease herpes such as cold sores and shingles.
Useful as an insect deterrent as there are insecticidal properties in this plant.
*This is great to add into the laundry wash water to kill any bacterial content and to purify the water.   
Eucalyptus has a very high cineol 8 content: it is best not used for those under 18 months old due to the potency or anyone prone to seizures.

EUCALYPTUS, BLUE MALLEE  Eucalyptus  polybractea  leaves Steam Distilled from Australia 
This particular type of Eucalyptus is used for the same purposes of most others of the other medicinal cineol containing eucalyptus oils.  It is from a smaller tree.
10ml neat @$12.00 
1 ounce neat @$22.00                  
4 ounce neat  @$52.00