Ethereal Era



1 ml Neat @$33.00     4 ml Neat@$128.00
1 oz into a Rose hydrosol Myst @ $ 33.00
2 oz into a Rose Hydrosol Myst @ $55.00

Extended with 8ml jojoba into cobalt blue glass bottle with a spherical applicator @$33.00 

This blend was created a short while after my Beloved daughter Andrea-Rose suddenly transitioned. With my Heart & the speech of the plant world I created “Ethereal Era”. This blend assists in the understanding of how LOVE carries on after the physical loss of a loved one. It is intended for easing the pains of grief while allowing the heart to accept the unseen LOVE that continues to exist on the Spirit & Soul plane. 

Mysore Sandalwood Giving strength while aligning from the base to the crown chakra Frankincense Allowing the karma of the Spirits to have Sacred peace & tranquility

Rose Opening our hearts to attune & continue on with LOVE in the highest vibration Jasmine Sambac Allowing mind & soul to feel joyful Angelic presence in the ethers
Hyssop Giving the body breath to flow through & open the awareness of self & soul
Rose GeraniumBalancing the mind, soothing the emotions & giving stamina to the body
Cistus Penetrating into the depth of the Eternal soul helping to heal deep wounds
Yarrow Vitalizing the life force within that guides our physical body in this realm
Helichrysum Aligning our chi, opening channels into many metaphysical dimensions
To all people I pray they search their Soul to find the Eternal LOVE that resides within. To all mothers I pray the healing of the heart that comes with the physical loss of one that they bore through their body. To all people I pray PEACE in each & every aspect of life. And I pray for LOVE in the Eternal & Ethereal realm for all. Namaste’