Each Soul carries Energy. When the physical domain perishes, the soul is released into the cosmos. 
Much depends on the purity of the Essence of this “Energia”. It may manifest Beauty, Love and Peace
wherever it chooses to shimmer, continuing on with the inherent Energia of the Soul force that it carries.
I have my life force here pulling me (guiding) to accomplish what I am here to do. I speak for the plants;
introducing their Devic Divine qualities.  My mission is to blend their Life/Soul Forces in unison to create
synergies that assist us to enhance our whole selves. 
I am surrounded by and with the “Energia” of my Beloved Angel Andrea-Rose. This synergy was created 
while she was living here on this Earth with me. To write of this now brings a whole new dimension to what 
I then understood. Now I have direct contact. Putting essences into form from thoughts of archetypal images 
and Energies united with Harmony, Peace and Love is rewarding.
 In this unison of pure plant oils I have combined Divine energetic qualities that I feel are part of the 
whole that unites us all. One aspect is the Honoring of “Kuan Yin” who oversees Compassion with Unconditional 
Love bringing Peace. Through this Divine Goddess comes Wisdom with Strength.  This blessed  Bodhissatva
guides over the principles which the other deities possess. Artemis of the Woodlands brings Concentration 
and Manifestation of Earthly trasures.Venus of Love exudes an Emerald Energy of Individual and compatible
True Love. Pele is  predictable with perpetual Fire creating Passion inviting Exciting Motivation. Hina, a 
Hawaiian Moon Goddess attracts Positive Changes with Purpose. Joining these Energies Unites Primal Forces 
calling in Destiny of the Moment we experience with timelessness. Our Energy on Now remains forever. 
Eternal as we be.

Basil, Rosemary, Rosewood, Rose Geranium, Ylang Ylang Extra Superior, Hyssop,
Frankincense, Clary Sage, Clove, Cardamon , Jasmine, Artemesia, Tuberose & 
Black Pepper

4ml Neat@$26.00 
10 ml Neat@$64.00
2oz into a Rose Hydrosol @ $26.00

Basil  Inspires action from thoughts forms into accomplishments of these desires..

Rosemary   Reminds us of our inherent Divinity shining from Within our very being. 

Rosewood    Vintage botanical enhancing the flow of Chi energy in and around us. 

Rose Geranium Shares Soothing Heartfelt Compassion and unconditional Love.

Ylang Ylang Extra Superior is Uplifting, encouraging life’s pleasures with passions.

Hyssop   Clears life forces as they must  adjust to changes and challenges.

Frankincense  Offers Renewal as it lets go of unwanted energies and patterns.
Clary Sage gives reflective solace during the release of sorrow and suffering.

Clove  Alerts the  mind, sparking creativity and creating possible solutions. 

Cardamom   Replenishes the energy levels of the Spleen with Soul force. 

 Jasmine has  Magical Lunar Reflective Forces demonstrating constant renewal.     

 Artemesia is extremely Protective which will ward off undesired traits.

Tuberose is so Soulfully pleasing as an aesthetic Divine delight to the senses.

Black Pepper enhances activity by stimulating motion that encourages change.