Emotional Uplift

  This is a formulation that I am reintroducing. I created this synergy decades ago and removed it from the product line. 
Upon recreating I feel it has renewed value as one of  Nature’s Spirit time honored blends. when experiencing the aroma it 
immediately gave me a sense of peace, one I wish to share. When I first made this it was for my neighbor who had much
sadness. I formulated this to ease her pain and at that time I had not gone through any such form of grief, I just intuited 
what I thought would best serve the purpose of bringing her relief from sadness and help ease her emotional pain. Throughout
the decades of blending I often give a blend a rest  or take it off the product list and make only for those who ask for it by
special request because they have used it in the past. Evidently, now I am the one who needs this.
When September comes about I recall being very pregnant and then birthing my youngest daughter on September 26th.
 Andrea would be 20 this year of 2020. I celebrate her birth, but sadly I also have to celebrate her transition date in May,
 so September brings the sorrow of the physical loss along with the joy of her remembrance. When writing about the attributes
 of Melissa I remembered making this “Emotional Uplift” synergy to soothe the heart. I have now recreated this synergy and I
 find it does give me some needed solace.
      This is a soothing heart tonic that helps alleviate anxieties, depression, sadness, grief  and low emotional energies.  The plant
 oils boost vitality and self-confidence giving more will power to carry on in this sometimes turbulent world. By applying the blend
 in jojoba directly under the nostrils as on the lips it carries messages to the mind that instill a deep sense of inner peace embracing
 the love that lives on eternally. 

Jasmine sambac, Rose Geranium(Reunion), Vintage Rosewood, Elemi, Ylang Ylang Extra Superior, Bulgarian Rose, Neroli,
 Mysore Sandalwood, Melissa, Wild Chamomile & Petitgrain.
1ml neat $26.00
Into 8 ml pure jojoba for direct body application  in a glass bottle with a spherical applicator @$29.00

Jasmine sambac heightens the euphoric awareness of the  celestial domain.
Rose Geranium (Reunion) governs the heart to flow with smooth rhythm 
Vintage Rosewood adds stability and strength with stamina to endure
Elemi taps into the psychic realm with ancestral guidance that may be channeled.
Ylang Ylang Extra Superior brings it sweetness to lift the spirit and cheer the mind.
Bulgarian Rose is the Love of all creation, budding with soulful heartfelt deepness.
Neroli as the fries would say lights the magic that shimmers in dimensional space.
Mysore Sandalwood offers its guidance in being aligned from base to crown.
Melissa soothe the heart on various levels as a cardiac tonic and regulator. 
Wild Chamomile is the Mothers herb with the essence of comfort and calmness.
Petitgrain helps one to remember to breath, to calm the mind and seek solace.