ELEMI Canarium luzonicum     Resin/Tear    Philippine Islands

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      Canarium luzonicum exudes a small amount of resin  yielding an essential oils through steam distillation. There is little resin itself offered,  although I have had the experience of using some as pure incense and the essential oil has a much smoother scent and overall quality for many varied uses.This tropically growing tree is native to the Philippine islands where it grows quite tall.I have high regard for this ancient substance. When I inhale this quintessential plant oil I feel that it heightens my intuitive senses. The very earthy yet etheric scent transports one with a soulful connectivity to the astral realm enhancing psychic abilities. This Spiritual and Soulful connection assists with healing emotional wounds. For those that believe that we reincarnate, one may consider that this will allow openness to clear past wounds. This precious substance was used by the Egyptians in their art of embalming. I believe that it had a powerful place in the dealings of ones afterlife.

         The essence evokes a soothing feeling allowing emotional serenity. As the essence of Elemi eases the mind and soothes the nerves  it will assist with  regulating the breath.  Embracing the olfactory tone of Elemi is calming, diminishing useless brain chatter  with a more pleasant ambiance within the mind scape. The olfactory system is greatly benefitted  with this meditative scent linking the chakras from the base to the crown  while raising one to a  higher level of consciousness, linking with the vibrations within the “Auric” field.

  This aromatic exotic essential oil is a worthwhile addition in the creation of sacred parfums and the blending of body potions. There is a certain mystique that captures an energy with the intermingling of Elemi with  other precious botanical substances. The fragrant scent will delight the senses as it soothes the Soul, guides the Spirit and protects ones vibrational energetic field. Ancient Egyptian were known to use this precious substance in beautifying cosmetics as a skin rejuvenator and preserver for both the living and the deceased in embalming. In ancient days it was more common for parfums and potions to be for the wellness of the whole person. Wholistic wellness is enhanced with pure botanicals especially when they are incorporated with parfum, prayer, complexion and body functions. I keep that tradition alive in my formulations. With the unguents that I create always consider the whole of the self, perhaps focusing on a specific area but always with regard for the entire being. Even without the belief of an afterlife one may consider this useful for this life with all of the excellent traits that it offers. I like to sprinkle the essential oil about for the atmospheric energetics and I also like to use a little bit in many of my parfums and sacred formulations.

To this day Elemi is regarded as a beneficial cosmetic component esteemed in reparation skin care. Interestingly, it is advocated for aging skin; this makes me think of preparation for the life beyond. As one ages often they become more Spiritual, perhaps more aware of our human frailty and that as we become vintage we approach the great unknown. Putting things together in synchronistic fashion through the guidance of the gift of quintessential oils is a revelation for those who seek this sort of solace. Elemi was known in the 16th century  for treating wounds, immune enhancement, repairing the respiration system and as a nervine tonic.