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Durga Devi's Dance

Durga  is a Hindu Protective Mother Goddess  known to combat evils forces that threaten the dharma of good. She rides a tiger with bravery as she removes obstacles from the path of Peace. Durga exhibits valor on her journeys through time and space.
Mysore Sandalwood, Boronia, Pink Lotus, Champacka, Frangipani rubra, Bulgarian Rose, Cambodian Oud, Indian Frankincense serrata, Neroli Orange Blossom, Ambrette seed, Cardamon, Nutmeg, Marigold, Tumeric are intertwined in this complex aromatic synergy to honor the favored flowers, herbs and colors associated with this  Powerful and highly respected Diety.  
Note:The lotus in Sanskrit is called Pankaj, which means "born of mud," reminding the faithful to stay true to their spiritual quest amid the worldly muck. 

1ml neat @$55.00

Extended with 8ml jojoba into a  glass bottle with a spherical applicator @$33.00