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This is offered neat so a drop or 2 may be added to the fingertips , deeply inhaled and then rubbed onto the scalp/hair. 
(Thats what I do.)
It could be immersed into a hydrosol and misted as well.


1ml neat @$ 33.00
5ml neat @$150.00

Mysore Sandalwood           Sacred Alignment of from our Base to Crown  chakras 
Patchouli                            Earthly passions  honored and  mind soothed       
Jasmine sambac                 Euphoric    Dream state enhancing delta brain waves
Marjoram                           Joyful relaxation               
Frankincense frereana       Supernatural protection in the aura
Clary Sage (high sclareol)   Entices an almost intoxicating space of calmness   
Coffee Flower                   A gorgeous flower gathering  Gamma waves of cosmic awareness
Neroli                                  Soothing and calming the mind and Heart
Wild Chamomile                   Very soothing and comforting to the whole body
Nepalese Cypress                 Enhances the chi flow of energy, protecting the bodies 
Ledum                                   Restores and regenerates the body 
Hops                                     Potent plant herb for deep relaxation
Spikenard                             A most reverent root that sedates as it eases nerves