Nature's Spirit Distinctive Aromatherapy Alliance of International Aromatherapists-Vintage Aromatherapist

Divinity Within



A mixture of High intellect, an open & loving heart with an awareness of the supreme source of God/ Goddess energy we are part of.

We feel the love within the core of our souls. With all 6 senses we energetically vibrate from the strong solar & luminous lunar forces that encompass our existence. Ability to sense the earthly presence we inhabit whilst guided by cosmic forces of nature. We delve deep to rise high. An inward celestial journey exists between sky & earth.

 Frankincense           Purification of the senses & protection of karmic interludes. 

Sandalwood              Sacredness of Consciousness rising. 

Bergamot                 Shining & empowering radiant energy.

Rosa Damascena       Love existing on all realms expressing truth & compassion. 

Vetyver                    Earthly passionate realization of the now & here. 

1ml Neat@$33.00      4ml Neat@$128.00      10ml Neat@$300.00

2oz into a Rose Hydrosol @ $36.00