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A perfect union of energies. 
  I was very inspired while up late one nite to create this unison of scentual elements.
As with all forms of art, inspiration is a must. There is an inner guidance that guides me. The titling of Nature’ s Spirit is actually stating that.
Everything carries a vibration. I was gifted with an extremely sensitive olfactory system. With this gift I create aromatic substances that serve for our higher good. A parfum is intended for the delight of the mind, soothing of the senses and evoking the true self. I believe these fragrant “beings” assist us on our inward journey through their life giving components. 
This synergy is created with the emphasis on inner strength. Within All is a Sacred space, one that is invisible to the touch. When an essence enters our personal domain it affects our mind as it reaches into depths of the subconscious self. We may be empowered with the scents that these plants evoke through their essential oils and absolutes. Particularly in this day and age I feel the need to guard my senses from the assault of such absurd unnatural entities that are tilted as “fragrances. The best we can do is to create our field of energies that surround us. 

This pure parfum contains only botanical components / essential oils.
If in a carrier base the Jojoba serves as the unguent for extending these precious oils, allowing direct body anointment. 

Wild Indonesian Oud, Vanilla absolute, Bergamot, Pink Lotus absolute, Frankincense Sacra, Frankincense frereanna, Elemi, White Sage, Tuberose, Jonquil,Budda Wood, Himalayan Cedarwood, Costus, Cardamom, Ambrette seed, Palo Santo, Hinoki Wood, Coffee Flower, Massoia bark
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1ml neat @ $ 26.00
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Extended into jojoba into an 8ml spherical applicator @ $ 26.00
1 ounce bottle @ $108.00