Nature's Spirit Distinctive Aromatherapy Alliance of International Aromatherapists-Vintage Aromatherapist

Depth of Divine Intelligence



Allowing the penetration of these pure plant energies to permeate & journey inward in ones elf. Accepting & opening up the chakras, all major body systems & centers to invite the intelligence of nature to expand within our body, open up our minds, allow the soul to journey & realize Divine spiritual intelligence many forms & states.

Nature’s Spirit prevails through the ages & changes our lives & that of all civilizations.

Frankincense         Divine guidance from our inner source of the soul. 

Myrrh                    Intuitive understanding of primal & pre destined situations in life.

Clary Sage             Throat chakra opened & expanded to speak & channel communications.

Marjoram              Healing the heart center & expanding love & peace. 

Elemi                     Allows depth of wisdom to rise to the surface & expand outwardly.

Ginger                   A sweetly aromatic root forming security& stability in life forms.

Helichrysum          Traveling through the kundalini chakra advancement & alignment.

Rose                      Accepting & experiencing from & with our Heart energetic vibrational frequency.

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