DAMIANA,Turnera diffusa (Turnera aphrodisiaca) Steam distilled Flower& Leaf   Mexico

1 ml @ $45.00

Aphrodisiac, immune stimulant, nervine, tonic, eases exhaustion & heightens chakra energies 

*emmenogogue:Not for use in pregnancy 

      An amazing aromatic. Trusting the herbal traits carry through with the aroma-therapeutic benefits in the essential oil. I believe they are amplified & heightened. This essential oil is delightfully new to me (2016) . I have been familiar with this  herb since 1988.  I have blended  this with other herbs as a tisane for general well-being & mood elevation. 

I was amazed to be able to procure some of this as an essential oil, hopefully I may obtain more. 

      Damiana is a small shrub that bears sweet-smelling, serrated leaves and small yellow  summertime blooming flowers. The herb has been long reputed as excellent aphrodisiac.  Damiana tisane is praised for increasing libido and increasing the flow of oxygen to genital areas.  

Research indicates Damiana as a neurotransmitter booster; increasing natural production of serotonin & dopamine.

The distiller pays hefty permit fees just to be able to use the raw botanical because the majority is of this botanical is destined as an ingredient in a  popular Mexican liqueur that takes precedence over essential oil production. After the essential oil is distilled taxes and export permits add to the expense.