Cypress, Crete


CYPRESS  Cupresses sempervirens     Leaf/Cone  NOT FOR USE DURING PREGNANCY      Crete
The  Leaves, Needles, Twigs & perhaps a bit of Cone is steam distilled to obtain this essential oil  typically from Crete, sometimes France. 
When inhaling this essence one feels a flow of energy ;this is the chi moving through us. Cypress has the power which allows the flow of energy to circulate through the meridians. This  moves the fluids  quickly  so to be safe it is best not while developing a fetus within the womb. This potent purifying tonic should NOT be used during pregnancy as it is an emmenagogue. The attributes for femininity are ones that assist with reducing heavy mensuration  and easing the transitory energy of the menopausal time .
Essential oils preserve and enhance beauty. The addition of Cypress in a cosmetic formulation becomes evident with the radiant structure of the skin. Astringent qualities  contained within this plant oil helps to balance sebum production therefore  it is helpful for all types of skin. Cypress improves skin tone as it preserves and enhances beauty by fortifying and cleansing the whole body. 
A great addition to blends as an anti-rheumatic as it soothes the system and eases muscular tension.  Other important attributes are that Cypress strengthens the veins with increased circulation, lymphatic draining, reducing water retention, therefore  easing cellulite accumulation. It is an excellent hepatic serving the liver and kidneys with these actions.  
As the physical systems are cleansed with the activation of the chi energy, the Spirit is renewed, the mind is refreshed  and emotions are calmed.The earthy scent is also comforting to the mind  and so known to relieve grief and worries. Cypress is grounding, giving the strength and security with its fortitude. It is a wonderful base note in blend, securing the formulation and intensifying its absorption through increased circulation.
Anti spasmodic traits calm and soothe the nervous system creating balance of the breath as this serves as a bronchial and asthmatic remedy through inhalation or application in a carrier base. This Coniferae relates to the AIR element serving the lungs, nerves and glands.
Cypress  is one of the oldest of all trees being about three to four thousand years of known existence. Sempervirens translates as  lives forever. As a tree of longevity it is a symbol of life after death in many cultures. The tree carries on with the Spiritual life force of the deceased human being. These trees are grown as shelter to protect the Spirits. Ancient cultures revere this tree as a life force of longevity both on the physical and Spiritual plane. Cypress is known to restore strength and it also represents the strength of “life” after death.This tree is grown in many graveyards to oversee, shelter and protect the Spirits. Ruled by the  planet Saturn  it tempers the Karma of the Souls. Armenians and Moslems have a tradition of planting  this tree in burial grounds and the Egyptians used the wood for coffins. It is believed Noahs Arc was made from this wood. 
While primarily a medicinal type essential oil  this ancient tree energy is superb as a  mysterious element in a parfum synergy imparting a yang attribute. While smoothing the skin, searing the body it also soothes the Soul. Adding a little of this precious wood oil will intermingle the qualities of air, earth and water with our inner flame.

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