Cypress, Blue, Australian


CYPRESS, BLUE   Callitris intratropica    Australia
Not for use during pregnancy
10ml @$47.00     1oz @$135.00

Callitris intratropica wood is steam distilled from the stems and branches in the Northern territory ofAustralia where it is a native species.  The essential oil produced is rather unusual and quit thick. The process to obtain this pure precious substance takes about 48 hours for the resinous compounds to react creating guaiazulene which gives this essential oil the blue color that is  abundant with anti-inflammatory agents.

           It is so magical to see the lovely light cobalt blue color of this liquid. When you first meet this aromatic liquid it seems surprising, sort of surreal, like it has captured the sea and the sky in the bottle, and this is what is has done actually when you think about it. The plants come from the Earth, they are enlivened by the rain from the sky that has evaporated from the sea. The mystic monk Thich Nhat Hanh  has wonderful poetic writings that reflect this belief of how we are part of everything.This essential oil exhibits its Spirit connection in a profound way.  Blue Cypress offers helps withs emotional balance as it soothes the nerves.

When researching this plant oil one will find  many “biological” uses. Blue Cypress is well regarded as a valuable anti-inflammatory substance which is also reflected by the color it exhibits. With regard to the Doctrine of Signature, blue  is the color of blood that resides within, this tunes in with blood flow allowing circulatory enhancement. These properties assist with pain relief, body balancing and overall wellness. Blue also relates to the throat chakra, balancing the temperament of speech as we seek personal truth and comfort.

This powerful gentle essential oil is quite useful in skin care formulations. The therapeutic traits are incredibly healing for skin and tissue. It is regarded as non toxic, non sensitizing, gentle and beneficial for all skin types. The color is pretty and it is amazing to watch as it enters the bottle and intertwines within the formulation.

Because of its slightly woody and grounding aroma it makes a good base note for parfum blends for both women and men. As a fixative it surpasses many other stronger components, yet it also blends in well with them adding layers of intrigue to an aromatic composition. Cypress makes me think of flow. The Chi is enhanced with the addition of this precious magical substance.