COSTUS Sassurea costus  steam distilled from Kashmere      

1ml @    $90.00 

       Sassurea costus is the latin name for this amazingly aromatic root. In early Autumn this precious root is cut, dried and transported to be steam distilled after being harvested from very high altitudes. It grows in the Kishengang Valley of Kashmir at 9,000-11,000 feet in the Himalayas where it is commonly referred to as “Kuth”. It may be better known historically as KUSHTA, which is the Sanskrit name that is mentioned in the Vedas. Pliny noted in his “Natural History” that this exquisitely scented Costus root was highly valued in India. As a Vedic aromatic this precious mythical substance is known to be of Divine origin, especially delightful for the Gods and also for the pleasure and healing of humans. The root has been used as Temple incense, being a powerfully and mysterious fragrant component. 

Since ancient times this rare and costly earthy botanical has been revered by the erudite. As an aromatic stimulant is is reputed to be an aphrodisiac and a sacred source of deep and reverent inspiration. It has a mysterious quality, making the addition of it to a formulation of a high grade parfum very alluring. As an earthy fixative it should be used in very small proportion for various reasons. 

It carries a tenacious scent, which holds the musky quality it imparts that is excellent as a base note in pure parfums. Too much could cause a skin sensitization,  so it is best suited for perfumery and Spiritual meditative inspiration.  It is rare and quite costly, so fortunately a small amount travels far with these precious aromatic molecules.