Copaiba Balsam


COPAIBA BALSAM  Copaifera langsdorfii  wild crafted in Brazil also known as COPAIVA & PARA BALSAM   

5 ml @$9.00     10ml @$17.00     1oz @$44.00

      Copaifera langsdorfii is a wild growing tropical tree native to South America and produced mainly from ethically harvested wild crafted trees in Brazil. The crude balsam produces an essential oil when steam distilled.This mildly balsamic substance is a great fixative in natural parfums. It is woody yet soft, exuding  inherent sweetness from within. The subtleness of this pleasant aroma allows it to contribute as a component with many types of blends. Copaiba balsam at this time is still abundant and it is very cost effective to extend a formulation. The addition of this adds versatility in a formulation as it secures other encompassing notes in a  mixture.  

        Along with being a great blending agent Copaiba also is known to ease bronchial and urinary complaints. I have a friend who likes to use this in blends for her dog who finds the essence calming. It is gentle enough for a variety of uses.