With Water and Moon dominating this astrological realm we enter a time of deep feelings. The crab is a well known symbol for this zodiac sign. This mysterious sea creature  has a shell to protect itself.Emotional powers often come with empathy and compassion, which may at times be overwhelming with the need to close up and shelter with a hard shell protecting inner softness. Sometimes Cancerians seem very tough while they are actually  guarding themselves from a flood of sensations.

The time period recognized for CANCER is June 23 through July 23.                

This blend is luxurious with lots of florals, swimming with eloquent aromatic plant essences; allowing our emotions to intermingle with the consciousness of beauty. This is a time for deep feelings. Are you ready to delve deep and explore how these lovely botanicals delve deep assisting the sacred self journey?

Bulgarian Rose exudes Love, allowing self love to prevail and envelop the heart and Soul
Jasmine sambac is sweet inviting euphoric aromatic waves bringing in joy & serenity  
Blue Cypress flows through the system, cleansing and purifying fluids with its motion
Clary Sage allows a sort of embryonic safe space giving calmness and security of self
Cedarwood provided strength giving vigor to actions and stamina to follow through 
Mysore Sandalwood aligns the chakras bringing in  sacred spiritual celestial vibrations 
Vetyver roots and stabilizes adding a calmness and steadiness to deal with thought waves 
Blue Chamomole comforts, consoles as it surrounds  one with a space of security & peace 
Cistus has the ability to heal deep emotional wounds, bringing  some relief for grief
Iris Butter  Iris germancia  (13% iones)  is amazing with a sweetness that has been hidden 
Orris Butter Iris pallida  (25% iones) offers sweet softness with the mysterious roots  

1 ml neat @   $69
Extended into jojoba in a 8ml bottle/w a spherical applicator    $ 33
Immersed into a hydrosol  as a personal myst   1 oz @ $ 69