Conscious Calmness


The intention of this formulation is to assist the endocrine system with thyroid regulation. This Aromatic Synergy contains Rose Geranium, Lavender, Palmarosa, Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang extra superior, Bulgarian Rose, Myrrh & Carrot Seed essential oils intermingled in pure cold pressed organic Jojoba.  

2oz bottle @ $44.00

Jojoba; Simmondisa chinensis is a  pure vegetal base assisting with regulating  sebum production, it is not an oil at all, but a liquid wax, otherwise known as an unguent.This base is excellent for the essential oils to be applied all over the body as it nourishes the skin, allowing the botanical essential oils to permeate into the interstitial fluids  supplying vital phyto-nutrients. As this is absorbed into the epidermis the volatile aromatic molecules fill the air with their combined aromatic energetics. 

Rose Geranium ; Pelargonium graveolens
Assisting with hormone balance and regulation. Both the sympathetic & para sympathetic nervous systems benefit from the properties held within these leaves and flowers.                        

Lavender ; Lavendula angustifolia
Known to ease tension as it also balances the mood. Lavender is calming and at the same time it promotes an uplifting sense, allowing one to feel at ease in their skin.


Palmarosa ; Cymbopogon martinii
Easing stress related conditions, Palmarosa is revered for a normalizing effect on glands.
An added benefit is that softly scented Palmarosa is wonderful for the skins texture. 

Clary Sage; Salvia sclarea
This cerebral sedative tonifies as it calms a restless body, mind and Spirit. Clary Sage is considered to have regulating effects on the guiding actions of the pituitary gland.  

Ylang Ylang extra superior; Canaaga odorata
A sweet exotic uplifting flower bringing  joy, to ones Spirit. Adding this fragrant floral delights the olfactory senses as it eases frustrations and soothes the nerves. 

Bulgarian Rose ; Rosa damascena
With an extremely high frequency, Rose fills ones being with love. Rose is a fabulous feminine tonic, fortifying the heart chakra and assists with regulating hormonal balance. 

Myrrh ; Commiphora myrrha
Best known as a vulnerary(healing wounds & sores), Myrrh is a medicinal resin that is known to balance the production of thyroxin, easing symptoms of an over active thyroid gland. 

Carrot Seed; Daucus carota
This potent medicinal plant oil is regarded having ability to assist the pituitary gland with the regulation of the production of thyroxin, the main hormone for regulating growth and development in the body.

Nature’s Spirit blends are made with all pure botanicals. When I formulate I use my intuitive feelings along with the study of science. I make no claims that these will “fix” someone. We are complex beings and we must consider our whole self in order to heal the various parts of ourselves that we are composed of. I do though whole heartedly believe that these plant allies will assist with wellness and quite often delight the senses with their quintessential essences.

Other than my accumulated memory/knowledge of these essential oils I referenced the thyroid assistive plant oils in the 3rd edition of Aromatherapy for professionals by  Shirley & Len Price. I selected the ones for balancing the thyroid and ones that ease hyperthyroidism. The Clary Sage was well researched and the details in Aromatica by Peter Holmes really emphasized what the Clary is a beneficial component for this blend.

                                     Please use with free will & knowledge.