The Capricorn astrological sign has dominance from December 22nd through January 20th. Saturn is the ruling planet for this very dominant cardinal Earth sign.
Continuously amazing to me is the synchronicity and association with the Native American Zodiac and Medicine Wheel. Instead of being titled as a Capricorn those born during this time frame are considered Snow Goose people. 
         As always there is a wide array to choose from in setting intentions while honoring  alchemy and traditional ways. My studies bring me into this vast mix with an array of infinite possibilities on which to go forward. This particular blend is one for stabilizing and strengthening the physical structure allowing the Spirit to soar with purpose.
        Many times the Astrological mix turns out to be a parfum potion and is costly. In this case the formulation is more of a fortifier and intention enhancer. These essential oils are most suitable to be immersed into a carrier base (Jojoba) and applied directly  onto the skin, penetrating into the limbs and skeletal structure. Massaging this mixture is especially good in the morning activating the energies of the day. Using this as a body moisturizer is great before a walk, hike or other activities as stabilizes, and supports the whole body.  

Black Spruce supports the physical body enhancing  the breath and empowering prana.
Frankincense serrata guards the boundaries of the body along with Spirit and Soul 
White Grapefruit illuminates vitality and brings clarity to the present moment.
Vetyver is very grounding stabilizing and securing allowing determined actions to go forth.
Birch gives grace and flow, it unlocks stagnant energy and moves the chi in various ways.
Ginger root warms the body right to the bones assisting with muscles and movement.
Fenugreek is a rather sweet Ancient seed spice that helps maintain a healthy metabolism. 
Basil activates steadfast energy enhancing creativity and producing prosperity.

5ml neat @  $22.00                         to add to a proper carrier base for the body.
10ml neat @ $40.00