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Coffee Flower


COFFEE FLOWER.  An absolute is obtained from the  Coffee robusta/arabica  blossoms in Madagascar.
     It amazes me how sweet this flower is. These fresh white Blossoms hold an intensely rich, sweet,
ethereal floral bouquet which is totally different from the Coffee essential oil or the bean we love to brew, 
this exquisite Blossom is rare delight! This absolute is used in high class floral parfums and in tropical bouquets.
Think about it…most of the blossoms go to to becoming coffee beans, these petals are even more rare due to 
the fact that we experience them before they metamorphosed, so to speak.
     The Bees buzz about when these delightful blossom offer their essence to the air.The plantations where 
these blossom numerous times a year are a Paradise for bees. They will arrive to sip  the sweet nectar as the 
Blossoms evolve. There is something so mysteriously charming and alluring held within this exquisite and rare 
parfum bouquet. The first time I smelled this I knew its ethereal energy was allowing my instincts to guide. 
Coffee flower is one of my treasured substances that lifts me to a realm and dimension that is somewhat otherworldly! 

Exquisite & rare parfum. 1ml @$90.00
Extended with 8ml jojoba into a cobalt blue glass bottle with a spherical applicator @$93.00