Cocoa Absolute Premium


 COCOA ABSOLUTE PREMIUM  Theobroma cacao  pod grown In the tropics and steam distilled in France

5ml @$30.00       10ml @$54.00         1oz @$155.00

Theobroma cacao pod is grown in the Tropics and steam distilled in France.This chocolaty scent is well known as an aphrodisiac, assisting the mind to produce feelings of well being and bliss. Cocoa is a yummy antioxidant rich in flavonol constituents that will nourish, soothe and smooth the skin. This thick liquid is dark and may stain, yet once in a base it will readily absorb into the epidermis. 

When I smell this absolute it reminds me of Valentine’s Day. I suppose that is so because of the sweetness that it evokes, not just for the chocolate but also for the symbolism of sweetness on many levels. I think of baking brownies, making chocolate mousse and drinking hot cocoa. Aromatic molecules trigger memories and bring the mind to many possible places. These thoughts are reminiscent of the tastiness and contentment of enjoying these edible pleasures. Chocolate releases endorphins creating that feel- good sense of well being. Part of the pleasure of enjoying fine chocolate is the superb scent. The taste of Cocoa is actually sort of bitter which is why there is sugar added to chocolate bars and sweeteners to make other edible treats.

             I have formulated special blends with this lovely aromatic. One excellent way to use this delightful aromatic component is to make a mixture in a carrier base of jojoba along with some other complimentary essential oils that radiate loving energetic vibrations. For the artisan aromatic crafters, this is an excellent component to have for joyous, fun and sensual creations. The substance itself is sensuous, somewhat messy and sticky. One way of enjoying this aromatic component is to blend it into the soft East African Shea butter. Blending with Cocoa absolute creates a delightful vision as it intermingles with other essential oils and stirs into the smooth cream, looking good enough to eat. Our skin will devour this readily allowing the aroma to encompasses the body as the many benefits of the botanicals seep beneath the skins surface. The softness of this particular East African shea butter allows simply stirring it in, to blend with the  other aromatic components. Sugar scrubs easy and fun to make with raw sugar, jojoba oil and aloe as the base and then stir in the Cocoa with the other aromatics. Just remember this does have a color that could stain cloth but once absorbed into the skin it will be fine. Artistic creations are lively and enjoyable!

           Sniffing this sweet aromatic  inspired me to share these ways I use it. Cocoa will not diffuse well because of the viscosity, but there are always other creative ways to have a scent surround one and many ways to keep that lingering loving feeling alive. Of course using the Cocoa in a jojoba base is great for personal body anointment and even perhaps as a form of how shall I say “lubrication”? Just be sure to have a proper carrier base along with other essential oils that are gentle such as Rose Geranium or Ylang Ylang if using in intimate areas. If used in a parfum Cocoa blends well with spices and can be rather stimulating so just  applying to parfum pressure points would be advisable. So many ideas may come to mind when feeling the aromatic vibration of this joyous plant.  Cocoa will keep sweetness alive and  possibly spark  some euphoric energy!