Clove Bud


CLOVE BUD   Syzygium Aromaticum  steam distilled in Sri Lanka and Madagascar

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Syzygium Aromaticum is steam distilled from the tiny buds at the top of their spikes stem. Most of the essential oil comes from in Sri Lanka and Madagascar. Clove inspires mental acuity as it aids in concentration, boosting the ability to carry forth with our inspirations.  Brain activity is enhanced through its inhalation. There is always a new feeling as I inhale the vitality of aromatic plant essential oils, each time my senses tingle with the aroma and Spirit of the essential oil. Like good food, we smell as we taste, each time is new and when we are present with our current time we appreciate the nourishment and awareness that plants provide.                                    

        There is a ton of history about Clove. Of course the spice trade dealt with the precious cargo of the buds in commerce. From the 16th to the beginning of the 19th century there is recorded history of geographical trade filled with sea battles and many unpleasantries. These spices have so much value and little do most people realize how fortunate we are to have these remarkable cures and flavors from nature. Mans greed nearly diminished the growth of many plantations, yet fortunately these seeds still flourish in foreign lands that we are currently able to import from. Reading up on the lore of spices reveals much of the value held within what nowadays seems to be a common spice. Clove is well known as anti-viral and antiseptic component.                                                                                                            Essential oils come from different parts of different plants. In the case of Clove it is steam distilled from both the leaves and the buds separately. The clove bud oil is the safest and the only one that should be used therapeutically. As potent bud oil it is  best used in a blend. Increasing circulation while strengthening vitality are two important traits. It still needs to be used with utmost care due to its high eugenol content, if put directly onto the skin it could burn and cause irritation. I use it as an analgesic in combination of other oils in a carrier base of jojoba to reduce sprains and swellings. Clove is widely recognized for its anesthetic actions in oral care. Just rubbing a few clove buds between the fingertips and applying directly to a sore gum or toothache will usually provide immediate relief. Care with knowledge is essential in its use, an essential oil is distilled from massive amounts of plant matter so a drop is quite significant  containing its  therapeutic values. For the teeth a drop could be dispersed into a tablespoon of pure olive or sunflower oil to be rubbed on the gums. I always am cautious with essential oils that may sting or burn; that is them alerting you to the fact that they are quite potent: use sparingly!               

        The significance of the plant is often portrayed in the image of the  symbolism it evokes. Going to the limit to obtain the hidden beauty with love encapsulated in its buds brings images of psychic, spiritual and romantic adventure to the mind.  Magic charms and love potions are heightened with the stimulating effects if this scent. Treetops are climbed to hand pick the pretty pink buds before they burst open. These are then allowed to dry in the sun. This tree is ruled by Venus with fire  ruling, so I would say there is a lot of planetary positioning for passion within the power of this plant. It’s use in some parfums and aphrodisiacs adds a nice arousal factor. Many of the essential oils are distilled from botanicals we use often in a variety of ways. The beauty of the essential oils is that they compact, convenient and potent.  Clove is a very intense plant oil and should always be used in an extension and preferably in a synergistic mixture to balance out the hot energy it posseses.  As an analgesic, it is known to ease swelling of the joints and quicken circulation thus allowing healing to be accelerated. Clove oil  may also alleviate nausea. Vaporization of this along with citrus and green components with assist the functioning of the lungs.  Strengthens the mind as a neurotonic and mental stimulant and it is said to improve eyesight!