CLEMENTINE   Citrus clementina   Cold Pressed Peel     Italy     

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       Citrus clementine is also known as Citrus nobilis, most often the essential oil is obtained from the cold pressed peel in Italy.This fruit produces an uplifting tropical scent. It is a great atmospheric aromatic substance that enriches the air quality with its blissful essence. This natural fragrance is wonderfully uplifting!

Clementine should always be added into a carrier base for the application onto the body. There are many benefits obtained when utilizing this nourishing botanical on the skin. As with most Citrus essential oils it is expressed from the peel the skin of the fruit, indicating that it will benefit the “peel”of our skin. The addition of this essential oil in a body formulation will aid with circulation and elimination of excess fluid. It is known to be beneficial in the reduction of cellulite and to smooth the texture of the skin. If going out into the sunshine one must be cautious as all Citrus essential oils draw the Suns energies. I find it best to use the formulations with Citrus essential oils before bed or in the daytime if covered up or out of the direct sunshine.

      The fruit essential oil will assist with digestion and nausea, it certainly soothes the nervous system with its happy energy making sense that it will ease tension tummy aches especially when traveling by car or air. Blending with Clementine  as a key component works wondrously as a belly rub, being  especially good for babies when combined with jojoba proportioned with in a very low percentage of the essential oils. This application when gently applied in a clock wise motion will most often  ease colic for the child, and because it eases nausea it can be helpful for pregnancy too !

        Scents certainly evoke emotions. Whenever I think of Clementine I remember Andrea’s first reaction to this quintessential vibrational essence. Following her Mama’s  (me) influence  she  created a series of Tropical scents at age 9 after being inspired by this lovely aroma.  She named these Andrea’s Tropical Delights!