Clary Sage


CLARY SAGE  Salvia sclarea 
        The Flowers and leaves are steam distilled to obtain this euphoric essential oil. Clary Sage is  shaped somewhat resembling female genetelia ;displaying the affinity to the female reproductive system. The doctrine of signatures is so helpful as a visual aid that the plant gives us clues with along with the olfactory indications.  Using the pant oil in blends for the body, in hydrosols for cleansing and in the atmosphere will assist with clearing feminine disorders. Pre menstrual tension, cramps and abdominal discomfort are eased as this delightful plant offers hormonal and sexual balance during all phases of womanhood. It is excellent for most phases of femininity although it should be avoided during the earlier stages of pregnancy and come forth to assist with the birthing process. It is a phenomenal aid in labor. This essence will ease fears while it calms the mind and serves as a uterine womb tonic. It has oestrogen like properties, so it is to be avoided during pregnancy.
        Appropriately so, this herb is ruled by the moon, revealing the Yin traits  that it posseses. Emotional fragility is eased with the comforting essence of this essential oil. This floral herb is a powerful nervine and antidepressant known to calm anguish. The scent triggers the secretion of endorphins from the pituitary gland. These endorphins are considered natural pain killers. In proper proportion in synergetic blends Clary will ease a headache. As a dream tonic it may bring euphoric feelings as it promotes sleep too much could give a headache or hangover type feeling: do not drive (seriously) when utilizing the relaxing and euphoric traits of this plant oil.  Clary Sage is a euphoric aphrodisiac known as the Oil of Laughter! The  inhalation of just Clary sage  may cause one to become woozy and sleepy. Yet, when this is combined with other quenching essential oils in a synergistic formulation it brings balance and peaceful calm. The adrenals are positively assisted with the healing effects of this aromatic essence.The thyroid and the throat may benefit from its usage in chakra formulations and lymphatics. Sore throats are often remedied by using a blend on the skins surface allowing permeation through the skins surface. Also a drop or two in a hydrosol or glass of water used as gargle may clear the throat and release mucous from the system. (clarus=clear). While assisting with sensitivities of a soulful nature this plant ally helps the body to cope with other physical situations.  Clary is noted for skin care and personal hygienic uses.  Cellular rejuvenating qualities make it great for skin care and it offers more benefits  with combating excessive perspiration so it good as a  natural deodorizer. Adding Clary Sage into a natural base as a deoorant applied into the armpits not only seven as a deodorant, it channels the beneficial traits into the lymphatic system and helps regulate the hormonal flow and blood quality that luges through the body.  
        There are so many wonderful qualities with the combination and balance of rejuvenating, restoring and relaxing with the utilization with this “Wise Woman's Herb”   

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