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Select essential plant oils chosen to set the mind into action resulting in positive applications of the thought processes. Stimulates cerebral activity while promoting concentration & presence of mind. This mixture will allow the mind to open, lifting the energy of the body, linking the spirit of the plants with that of our own inner self. This strengthens the Qi flow of circulation through the meridians & chakras.

Rosemary           Alerting brain waves to accept input & promote output.

Lime                   Refreshes the senses. Clarifies mental conditions & increases awareness.

Sage                  Opens the lungs allowing the breath to fortify the senses. 

Coriander           Invigorates creativity to come forth with action of the ideas.

Clove                  Expands ingenuity. Mental acuity heightened & activated. 

Hyssop               Oxygenating. Empowers the mind with clarity.

Cardamon           Restores optimistic outlook & inspires achievement & successes. 

4ml Neat@$26.00     2oz into a Lavender Hydrosol @ $22.00        10ml Neat@$64.00