Citrus Sheen


CITRUS SHEEN                                                                                                                                 

2 ounce pot @ $20.00

4 ounce pot @ $37.00       

           Just the word “Zest” itself indicates vitality. Citrus essential oils are bright, uplifting and refreshing. The healing radiant energies of Citrus essential oils of the rutacae family are derived from the peel of the skin of the fruits, most often the skins are cold expeller pressed to release these fortifying aromatic molecules.  There are some exceptions where the peel is steam distilled to release the essential oils, yet not most common for the aromatherapeutic uses.The developing fruit pulls in the sunshine filled with cosmic forces of sun-light and warmth. This cold expression (extraction) of plant oils are refreshing and uplifting with joyful and pleasing aromas.The peel of the fruit corresponds to the skin (peel) of our body.  With proper usage and application these plant essential oils are allies in wellness, they serve as nourishing tonics for the body in skin care formulations. Emotionally uplifting scents please the mind, offering stress reduction and emotional balance when used in the atmosphere. Citrus essences are known to strengthen the heart on both a physical and emotional level. Citrus breathes in the warmth and sunshine as it corresponds to fill one with ease and optimism.

          As Citrus are fruits they hold the seed of reproduction. Interestingly I originally made the blend that I named “Citrus Mama” decades ago when I was pregnant with Julia, my first daughter. My intention with his formulation was to nourish my skin as it expanded, easing possible stretch marks while protecting the developing fetus. These safe Citrus oils feed the epidermis and send forth the vitality from outside to inside. Citrus essential oils are safe and especially beneficial for pregnancy.  

Caution: Possible sensitivity as most Citrus essential oils have possible phototoxic properties and exposure to the sun must be avoided after application to the skin. Extend into a carrier base before applying onto the body.