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Citrus Sampling Selection



  Nature‚Äôs Spirit offers 9 different citrus essential oils that are quite economical for everyday use in cleaning concoctions, antiseptic atmospheric enhancement  with an overall pleasant and uplifting scent.

Which to choose? When ordering a 4 ounce bulk size the savings are immense.      So, now that we are an on-line shoppe we decided to offer this opportunity to experience wee bits of these botanical essential oils in the dram sizes. This 4ml size is not offered individually in the Citrus oils as the cost for a 10ml or more is quite inexpensive.


Get a sample selection of all 9 at just $33.00. Then these small vials may be utilized for travel and refills from the larger size bottles that one may choose.

This selection includes the following: 

Bergamot * Clementine* Pink Grapefruit * White Grapefruit * Lemon * Persian Lime *

Red Mandarin * Sweet Orange * Tangarine