Cistus, Labdanum

CISTUS Cistus landaniferus 
Traditionally wildcrafted from the resinous tear & steam distilled in Spain

1ml @$18.00    dram (4ml)  @$64.00

         Cistus landaniferus is also known as Rock Rose. Along with the unrefined mass of resinous botanical material this shrub offers “tears” which are a gummy resinous oily substance that are steam distilled to produce the absolute liquid of Cistus, referred to as Labdanum usually. During the Spring and Summer months this sticky substance exudes from dense glandular hairs and stems. A natural oleoresin-a gooey sticky resin which binds things back together reflects  how it knits us back together after emotional trauma, helping to bring us back to being whole. Cistus is a time honored tonic, known to heal emotional wounds. I have found this to be most extraordinary with its aromatic vibration to assist in reconnecting the “pieces” of oneself. Contentment or at least acceptance of situations often occurs during meditation as this essence invites the chi to flow through the meridians, feeling a sacred life force permeating the universe.This unusual and interesting substance in helpful with opening psychic vision. As the third eye connects with the crown chakra intuitive capabilities increase. Mysteries of the mind are explored with ease and dreams may hold insights for what is needed for our personal journey when Cistus guides the inner consciousness and the eternal presence of the Divine.

  This ancient species is highly regarded in healing. body, Soul and Spirit.Through the mindfulness of intermingling this essential oil with other pure aromatic botanicals we may reinforce stamina, rejuvenation and soulful renewal. Holding many healing virtues this potent tonic essential oil is well noted as being useful in rejuvenating and clearing skin conditions, ulcers, tumors and even the dreaded word that begins with the letter C.  White blood cells are stimulated into action as the lymphatic flow smoothes out to detoxify and purify the interstitial fluids in the body easing infections and centering on nutritive wellness. Many healing virtues are amplified when used with the assistance of other pure plant oils. 

Pure parfum used for holy anointment is referenced  in Exodus 30:34 of the Bible. Still in modern day perfumery Cistus is used as an animalistic base in nature, capturing some primal energy to be released in its intermingling with other quintessential vibrational scent energies. Many label it as ambergris, like that which is from the  marine mammal typically referred to as a whale. That is another tail to tell…pun intended !  

         There is a resin that I have obtained from Crete which is very sticky and gooey. I place tear size pieces onto pure charcoal to experience this incense smoke; appreciating the deep and sweeter aspect of this “Rock Rose resin” of pure Labdanum {Cistus Ceticus }  offered to the Spirit as an aromatic incense.