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CISTUS Cistus landaniferus LABDANUM Resin/Tear (SD)     NOT FOR USE DURING PREGNANCY   Spain

Time honored tonic to heal emotional trauma. Allows old wounds to repair and heal.          Rejuvenates the skin. Increases lymphatic flow. Allows the chi to flow through the meridians. 
I have found this to be most extra ordinary with its aromatic vibration to assist in reconnecting with “pieces”of oneself. This often occurs during meditation, sometimes in sleep and mostly through the mindfulness of present wonderments. Intermingling this essential oil with other pure aromatic botanicals reinforces stamina, rejuvenation and soulful renewal.
There is a resin that I have recently obtained it is from Crete, very sticky & gooey. I have been placing tear size pieces onto the pure charcoal to experience this incense smoke for the past few weeks.I am appreciating the deep and sweeter aspect of this “Rock Rose resin” of pure Labdanum {Cistus Ceticus } that I am burning as an aromatic incense.  I have then added Frankincense and other herbs. I am experimenting with this & am contemplating offering the Cistus  Incense Spheres …the are in the making, possibly to the public eventually. 
I have only a small amount of this substances I am not yet offering any for purchase. I would like to obtain more now that I have tried this new source from Crete…they are real   YAY!!!!

1ml @$14.00    4ml @$54.00        10ml @$122.00