CINNAMON,  Cinnamomum zeylanicum most often cultivated and grown in Ceylon and Madagascar is steam distilled from the leaf.

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      Cinnamomum zeylanicum, most often cultivated and grown in Ceylon and Madagascar, is steam distilled from the leaf; although most of us are more familiar with the ground spice from the bark for its wonderful culinary uses. However, as essential oils are extraordinarily potent forces, being quite concentrated it is much safer to use the leaf of this plant for aromatherapeutic uses. It is a precious spice and a wonderful healing plant oil. Quite often the same plant offers variations of their traits from different parts. Think about the Doctrine of Signatures once again and remember the power of the leaves in relation to the lungs. The bark is an irritant in the essential oil form. Both the bark and the leaf have a very high eugenol contact and must be used with care.  Cinnamon is very spicy, be sure to use extended, never neat on  the skin.

      As much as I use the spice in my constant baking and cooking, I limit my use of the essential oil in any body blends. Using the essential oil with other quenching ones in a room synergy will empower the body through the air. This is a strong antiseptic, stimulating the glandular system as it sends  warmth throughout the body. The aromatic molecules released in the atmosphere are known to ease colds when inhaled from vaporization,this tonic for the respiratory tract will increase circulation just through inhalation. I am very sensitive to the fiery energy of Cinnamon and prefer to use very tiny amounts. Cinnamon is beneficial for oral hygiene and  beneficial for care of the gums. 

      This plant oil is beneficial as a tonic for the circulatory system to increase blood flow that will ease sprains and swellings. While increasing circulation the traits of this essential oil will help reduce muscle stiffness and soreness. One reason Cinnamon is widely used as a spice is because it eases gastric distress and will stop vomiting. In past times food preparation relied heavily on spices and herbs for preservation along with the flavors imparted.

      One may employ the values for purification, Cinnamon is very effective for that. 

Sometimes a teeny bit will add charm to a personal fragrance or add pizzaz to uplift a tired metabolism. Folklore indicates that Cinnamon is an auspicious element to bring good fortune and prosperity to folks. The bark and leaves  are used in fires exuding their magical traits and enhancing creative abilities and psychic correspondence. This aromatic stimulant is sometimes used in love charms and also as a sexual inhalant stimulant. 

     This Fire of Fire energy is alerting, awakening the mind and increasing the capacity for concentration. It is hot stuff, just like fire it is very beneficial when used with care and respect. All I have to do is hold the bottle and I can literally feel the powerful energy that it radiates with from within.