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Chamomile, Wild


CHAMOMILE, WILD (ROMAN) Anthemis nobilis     steam distilled flower from France      

This is a compositae ; The flower is a collection of tiny flowers forming a unique superior entity encompassing the whole of them in unison. The essential oil comes from  steam distillation, currently the best I  have found is from France. It may seem a little pricey at first glance, 
yet when one realizes the tiny size of these flowers and the powers held within them, suddenly the price seems inexpensive. 
The scent is not a floral one as many of the sweeter smelling ones such as Jasmine or Rose.
I trust though that most of us are familiar with the aromatic essence of Chamomile. The essential oil smells just like the herb only intensified. It is quite potent and a wee bit goes a long way.
   Like every other pure essential oil, it should be extended into a pure and proper carrier base for direct application on the body. 
I blend this into our East African  shea butter along with Rose and Lavender for the  Nature's Spirit "Babies Bunda" blend that
relieves and usually eliminates diaper rashes, skin eruptions and eczema. 
   As a pain reliever Chamomile is a key ingredient in the Natures Spirit formulation of "Gentle Analgesic" also as it will reduce inflammations. 
As far as muscular pain relief that is my personal favorite, perhaps due to the gentleness that it evokes along with the therapeutic intensity it carries.
This gentle herb is mild enough for babies skin care. It will caress and soothe sensitive skin. This Mothers Herb is well known for the many attributes it offers to Mother and child  beginning in the womb.The qualities encompassed in this aromatic essential oil contribute to overall wellness from birth, all the way through various life cycles and circumstances including menopause relief. 
    This quintessential oil gently assists with the  flow of chi, helping to regulate this vital energy. It is quite comforting and calming to the nerves
 helping one to relax, passing depression, insomnia and pain. Wild Chamomile is a wonderful “tonic” for those who are oversensitive emotionally, 
that is also reflected in that is is suitable for delicate and sensitive skin conditions, safe for babies and adults. Our vital needs and wants are
comforted with this herb allowing us to gain a calmer control and ease of acceptance to life's situations.It is a great asset with its assistance
in releasing  tension from the body’s center. The color yellow indicates the association with RA-the Sun, comforting the  Solar plexus. 
It is also valuable as a hepatic assisting the liver and as a tonic for the spleen.

1ml neat    $22.00
4ml neat   $ 72.00
5ml  neat  $ 88.00
10ml neat $144.00
1ml extended into  1/2 ounce jojoba  in a glass bottle        $26.00 
2ml extended into 1 ounce jojoba in a glass bottle             $44.00