Chamomile, Blue


CHAMOMILE, BLUE. Matricaria recutita flower is steam distilled from Egypt     

In Jojoba 8ml spherical applicator @$22.00

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    Matricaria recutita flower is steam distilled  to release its bountiful array of healing qualities. This particular Chamomile  essential oil holds a high percentage of azulene which is a key component that the blue color comes from as it is distilled. The scent of this version of Blue Chamomile is deeper and more earthy than that of the Wild Chamomile. Both Chamomiles are excellent for skin care and pain mitigation. When  blended with pure jojoba the blue color mixes with the golden jojoba and turns a bit of a lovely green.  Also when added into a shea butter blend it adds color making it quite lovely as a healing tonic. You may say that by showing its color it is indicating the corresponding energies pertaining to the chakras and  the body systems.

   Blue Chamomile is a prime example of  the Doctrine of signatures, portraying  some of its vibrational healing energies. As a nervine, this is a very calming tonic  floral/herbal essential oil. Excellent for skin care, Chamomile is known to reduce thread veins and eases varicose veins. There are numerous aspects of this incredible botanical that may be researched and exemplified.