Cellular Circulation

      Into pure organic cold pressed Golden Jojoba I have added Sea Buckthorn Berry CO2 Total & Rosehip CO2 Total along with the Essential oils of Frankincense frereana CO2, Indonesian Patchouli, Ylang Ylang Complete, Copaiba Balsam, Bergamot (Bergapatene free so NO phototoxicity) and Mandarin. 
2 ounces @$36.00  4 ounces @$71.00 

To enhance the benefits of personal care for daily moisturization. It is an earthy nutritive combination. Along with the benefits of skin care, 
the cellular structure support is integrated with the scents that correspond with the alignment of body with Spirit.This is a truly wholistic concoction
designed for the benefits of the whole body system including the chakras and the emotional scape we live in with the body we inhabit.
      There is the element of Earth with Patchouli for grounding in our physicality. Patchouli also assists with the smoothness of the skins surface;
 it is known to reduce wrinkling and premature aging. The Frankincense smooths the skin while it eases our nervous system thus allowing a better flow
 of chi. Ylang Ylang Complete is less sweet than the extra superior while it still brings in the etheric vibrations from the heights of the floral dimension
 thus aligning us with higher energies that reign above the physicality attracting Peace within. The Copaiba balsam stimulates, nourishes as it maintains
 and restores cellular health. The Citrus combination relating to the Solar Plexus of Bergamot with Mandarin allows for skin reparation on a deep molecular
 level along with hormonal balance and ease of digestion. 

About the primary base:

JOJOBA Simmondisa chinensis ORGANIC 1st Cold Pressed from the USABasically odorless, this carrier base contains alpha, delta and gamma tocopherols, all natural forms of the Vitamin E; an extremely potent anti-oxidant. This structure makes it a stable liquid wax ester; it will not oxidize or go rancid. It maintains quality during temperature changes; it may harden to a semi solid at cold temperatures yet holds all of its values. Jojoba is primarily non-allergenic, and non pore clogging which are excellent characteristics that are of great value in blending. With the addition of pure essential oils this will liquid wax will permeate into the skin to reach beneath the surface, nourishing and enhancing wellness. It conditions, soothes and restores elasticity to the epidermis as it prevents dryness. 

SEABUCKTHORN BERRY CO2 Total ;Hippophae rhamnoides Fruit from Lithuania This bright Orange botanical posseses an omega -7 fatty acid that benefits the mucosa. This palmitoliec acid is rarely found in plant oils. It is a valuable protective and healing agent for wound repair as it boosts circulation along with being anti -inflammatory and analgesic.The beautiful bright orang color will quickly absorb into the skin, however it could stain garments and towels. It is best used in combination, usually as 10 % of the base.This CO2 extraction has a long shelf life.

ROSEHIP SEED CO2 Total ;Rosa Canina from Croatia
Rosehip seed oil is the only known vegetal oil which contains trans-retinoic acid; which is pro vitamin A, promoting cellular regeneration.This is an excellent component in formulations which enhance the skins structure and performance. This CO2 extract is an antioxidant and a cellular regenerator. While improving the skins elasticity it softens scar tissue and minimizes imperfections. Rosehip seed oil is a beneficial healing agent for a variety of problematic skin conditions.
The color will quickly absorb into the skin, however it could stain garments and towels.
 It is best used in combination, usually 10 % of the base.