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Cellular Balance



The miracle of our human cellular structure that holds & binds our bodies together in physical form remains a mystery. With much scientific fact we may understand with analysis, comprehension & application .Yet, the creation of our cells originates from a magnamenous force greater that most human minds can comprehend. In this journey our Souls have taken on human form experiencing life here & now on this planet.

These plant molecules contain a miraculous cellular structure within their core of existence. Their molecules permeate directly through our epithelium & enter into our body systems. Within the bloodstream of our human form we are nourished with these precious botanical life forces as they flow through us. With the many miracles of nature our whole being benefits body, mind, spirit & soul.

Rose Geranium                            Brings balance through the bloodstream & hormones.
Clary Sage                                  Relaxation of nerves, allowing the benefits of our existence to flow.
Ylang Ylang Extra Superior        Opening the center of joy, beautifying our sensory existence.

Frankincense                              Eradicating “wrinkles” of time, appreciating the existence of now.

Jasmine Sambac                         Enriching smoothness. Forming elasticity of cellular structure. 

Yarrow                                        Strengthens blood flow while giving stamina & vitality.

Rosa Damascena                          Ultimate source of regeneration of cells & Qi energy.

Palo Santo                                   Dispels unwanted pathogens of growth. Sacred protector.

Hyssop                                        Oxygenating. Activates energy flow & releases toxins with the breath. 

Helichrysum                                Heals & repairs the effects of aging through time.

Cistus                                         Closes the wounds of intense grief & despair, soothing the situations. 

4ml Neat@$40.00
2oz into a Rose Hydrosol @ $27.00

10ml Neat@$93.00