Cedarwood Himalayan


HIMALAYAN CEDARWOOD; Cedrus deodora  Steam distilled wood from India.    Known as Tibetan Cedarwood 

10ml @$16.00     1oz @$48.00

     Cedrus deodora is also known as Tibetan Cedarwood and there are various names in other languages, a few are: Devadāru in Sanskrit,  Devadār in Hindi, and xuě sōng) in Chinese. This is a coniferous tree growing to tremendous heights in high altitudes. It is also the national tree of Pakistan.There is much Spiritual and cultural significance with regards to this magnificent form of Nature. This Prayerful  Cedarwood (deodora) is worshipped as a Divine tree among the Hindus as the translation indicates. Deva is Divine and Daru relates to the true (druid) tree. Several Hindu legends refer to this majestic tree. In the Ramayana epic poem there is a stanza that translates to : “In the stands of Lodhra trees, Padmaka trees and in the woods of Devadaru, or Deodar trees, "Ravana is to be searched there and there, together with Sita." Ancient texts often mention Darukavana which is the Sacred forest of the deodars. These forests are favored by Shiva devotees and of great value setting the space for meditation. These woods allow a space of deep contemplation with the reverence of Nature  abounding. 

Cedrus deodara is well recorded in Ayurvedic medicines  for its aromatic properties as a respiratory revitalizer. In Himachal people suffering from asthma or other respiratory problems are advised to sit under a Deodar tree early in the morning. This is aromatherapy at it’s finest!!! This botanical is beneficial to the body for skin care, circulation, chi movement, lymphatic flow and regulation of respiration. 

The essential oil is steam distilled from the wood of this tree. There are other Cedarwoods that are more common and less costly, but I prefer to use this one in the synergies devoted to the more esoteric and metaphysical themes. Cedrus equals power, and the Cedarwoods are regarded as the “Prince of Trees” . This mighty botanical signifies steadfastness, strength and the power of endurance to be utilized during times of transformation. The essential oil may be incorporated into a body blend, a mist or added to the atmosphere to impart its beneficial powers.

Cedarwood is used in embalming to protect the Spirit. It is valued as a ritual incense for protection and a guide on the path to Enlightenment. The earthy balsamic base note makes a great fixative in a synergistic blend. These combined attributes make Cedrus  deodora a unique and valuable parfum material. This a wonderful component carries forth the Ancient energies with its powerful essential oil. 

On another note: As insects avoid this tree, the essential oil is used as insect repellent on the feet of horses, cattle and camels. The wood is anti fungal as well as insecticidal, therefore it is of great value for storing textiles and fine fabrics. It has potential to aid in the control of fungal deterioration of spices, foods and grains during storage. Cleaning with the essential oil and strategically placing saturated cloths of it will assist like the wood itself. The essential oil is very concentrated making this an effective companion on many levels of usage.