Cedarwood, Atlas, French Select

CEDARWOOD, ATLAS     French select limited edition
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          Cedrus atlantica yields an essential oil from the steam distillation of the Wood. Morocco, where it is mainly produced. is one origin that we obtain this wonderful substance from.  Also throughout various continents there are regions that grow these sturdy trees producing small batch selections. One must be ever cautious though of sustainability especially with the Woods. This pyramid shaped evergreen is known as the Prince of trees. Cedrus translates to power and this mighty tree does extend that virtue to us through its vitality. It has great dignity and honor, allowing us to share those traits as we communicate with the vibrational forces it has.

           This time honored healer helps procure inner strength and endurance with its mighty stance signifying the ability to hold strong at all times. This energy flow helps us to keep balance and gain perception of situations that are occurring while centering the self firmly, allowing transformational energy to flow. Cedar has been noted throughout history as an elixir for wisdom and protection. Using this as a component in a mist for the atmosphere or in a body anointment blend enhances meditation, yoga  and centering of Self by easing mind chatter.This deep level  attained with the vibratory assistance of Cedarwood will assist with the opening of the crown chakra thus allowing timeless dimensional shifting of perceived  realities. With these psychic centering qualities, Cedarwood is highly regarded for Spiritual practices including rituals, offering magical powers for fertility, abundance and endurance. Cedarwood was a valuable component used in embalming especially in Egypt where it was used both for preservation of the corpse and assistance with the journey of the afterlife.

The harmonizing qualities are bountiful. Along with being a nervine, calming the mind and emotions while soothing the Spirit and Soul, it offers many benevolent qualities to the biological body. Cedarwood oil is a beneficial aid to the life forces by balancing the actions of the kidneys, spleen, pancreas and bronchial system. This potent botanical also helps to heal and prevent skin disorders, increase circulation flow  while  assisting lymphatic drainage and the process of breaking down fats. Cedarwood is a valuable cosmetic component. This botanical substance will repair scalp and skin imbalances and it also known to ease alopecia (hair loss), stimulating hair growth while imparting restorative qualities to nourish hair shafts. 

           Cedarwood protects our domain as well as ourselves. The insecticidal qualities help preserve wood that we have in our homes and buildings. Cedarwood is still used in building where the insect deterrent traits are valuable. The trees were used in building temples, portraying both the practical and spiritual resonance it carries. Chests and closets made with Cedarwood create a safe haven for cashmere and wool as it deters moths from devouring these precious fabrics.

  The Earth magic from this aromatic essence is fantastic as a base in pure parfums. It carries a masculine energy and is appealing to both sexes with this dominant force. It is one that  often will be excellent to hold the scent, one that is composed along with other aromatic botanical elements to entice feelings of security, confidence, stamina and vitality.