Carrot Seed


CARROT SEED   daucus carota  seed steam distilled from France                                                                                

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Daucus Carota essential oil is derived from the seeds that are steam distilled in various countries. I have small artisan batches from Crete and a larger amount that is eco cultivated in France, along with some organically grown essential oil from India.This Umbilliferae produces seeds that cup up before they explode with their ripeness. The yield of the crushed then distilled seed is approximately 0.4-0.8%. I once again live in the mountains where these beauties grace the hillsides. One day I will distill this !  The pungent scent brings forth many valuable medicinal qualities. The high percentage of carotene which is a distinct chemical constituent in Carrot seed oil is highly therapeutically valuable. Carotene has shown the ability to increase healing even in severe circumstances. I prefer to speak in terms of creating wellness as opposed to naming the “dis-ease”. Words and thoughts also hold much power, so to concentrate on wellness adds benefits in the science of mind way.

      There are numerous benefits  when the essential seed oil is absorbed into the body. With absorption into the interstitial fluids the depurative actions serve as a stimulating cleanser for the gall bladder and a hepatic helping liver functions.  Red blood cells are strengthened also with its application on the skin as it seeps into the tissues.  Using this essential oil especially in synergistic fashion will transform some situations as it helps to tone and strengthen the epidermal  structure while releasing fluids to minimize cellulite and edema. Carrot seed oil is also prized for easing gout and edema by ridding excess of toxins from the body;  it helps balance body fluids and cleanses the lymph as it fortifies the glandular system.                                                                                        

         Carrot seed is a valuable and versatile cosmetic care component. A tiny bit of this liquid botanical wonder added to facial blends will assist in toning the skin, stimulating elasticity to reduce wrinkling and as a general benefactor for aging and or damaged skin. It helps repair broken veins and capillaries. My preference for all over facial oils tends to be more luxurious and keeping with a romantic in scent. I believe as an additional treatment to certain areas this oil certainly has its place, it smells healthy and alive. Blending with essential oils like lavender will greatly increase the metabolism and create a rapid healing to damaged tissues. And it is superb  as a component for after sun care with its replenishing nutrients.                                 Since times of antiquity Carrot seed has been used in protective potions and some perfumes,the aroma adds a mysterious earthiness to a mixture. It is reputed to lift the Spirit and to ward off evil spirits. The solar plexus chakra benefits from the power that this pungent oil offers as the healing attributes restore vitality to the core and center of our being. These lovely disc shaped flowers curl up as they prepare to mature and release their power. It is as if they have gathered the solar forces and digested them to infuse us with their beauty and power when we utilize the substances they hold within. These powers are transformed into the botanical essential oils for our use. One may see Carrot Seeds along the roadside waving as you go by. This plant intuitively goes to areas that need cleansing. They grow wild in fields and host many insects in their safe structure. I have scattered seeds about and found that they grow to the Sun offering their light to the world as a very beneficial healer in the world of plants. Please note that the essential oils do not come from the road side plants, they come from fields away from traffic. I find it interesting to see that they go to where they need to cleanse as a part of their vibrant personality.