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Carrot Seed

CARROT SEED  Daucus carota     Seed (SD)         NOT FOR USE DURING PREGNANCY          France

The yield of the crushed then distilled seed is approximately 0.4-0.8%. A pungent scent brings forth many valuable medicinal qualities.

Lots of vitamin A in this liquid of high carotene content, being a distinct chemical constituent that has shown to increase healing even with some “cancer”patients.

I prefer to speak in terms of creating wellness as opposed to naming the “dis-ease”. 

Words and thoughts also hold much power, so to concentrating on wellness adds benefits in the science of mind way.  

Essential seed oil is absorbed into the body benefits the vitality of red blood cells, and acts as a stimulating hepatic for 

gall bladders and liver actions. Application of this essential oil especially in synergistic fashion will help to tone and strengthen the epidermal structure, reducing toxins while releasing fluids to minimize cellulite and edema.

A bit of this botanical added to facial blends will assist in toning the skin, stimulating elasticity, 

reducing wrinkles and as a general benefactor to aging and or damaged skin. I believe as an additional

treatment to certain areas this oil has its place, it smells healthy and alive. Blending this with other  

essential oils will greatly increase their  metabolic value in cellular regeneration, creating rapid healing to damaged tissues. Add this to after sun care for replenishing nutrients.

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