CARDAMOM    Elettaria Cardamomum    dried ripe fruit seeds steam distilled in Sri Lanka

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The seed pods from Elettaria Cardamomum produce essential oil through both steam distillation and CO2 extraction.  The CO2 process is one is which when a certain amount of pressure is applied to carbon dioxide, the gas turns into a safe odorless and tasteless “liquid solvent”. This spice herb is native to Asia with most of the distillation  coming from India, Sri Lanka and Guatemala. The seeds of this dry ripe fruit are regarded as ancient medicine. I always add cardamom spice in my baking as one of my “secret” ingredients. This botanical brings out the best in the other scents and flavors. A whiff of Cardamom essential oil heightens the senses, increases breath capacity and adds an optimistic edge to essential oil formulations. This spice has been referred to as “The Fire of Venus” due to its stimulating sensual aroma. As an Aphrodisiac Cardamom is known to have magnetic attraction powers. Putting this passionate spice into an elixir to excite is great in excellent when added in very small measure. A little bit may be added into a vegetal base as an erotic lubricant/stimulant to be used on intimate areas of the body for arousal. Remember I always caution for use with free will. I add this component in my “Slippery Sweetness” blend in a minute amount and  I still hear lots of positive feedback when people return with a smile on their face. Nice Spice!

        Cardamom is a tonic for the entire system, both mind and body. As well as lifting    the mood, Cardamom assists with opening up lung capacities to relieve respiration distress and coughs. As the circulation of the blood moves more rapidly, the body is heated, this quickens the circulation of “chi” as it reduces fats while regulating lymphatic flow.  It is a stomachic: a time honored digestive aid. Some cultures offer Cardamom seeds after dinner to aid digestion and freshen breath. In India, the Middle East and Europe these seeds are known as  “Grains of Paradise” which are chewed for sweetness of breath. There are whole pods that hold many smooth seeds that may be decorticated.  When removed from the pods the seeds are ground to a fine powder to be used as a wonderful culinary and baking spice.                                                                                                         Cardamom brings to us an appealing state of heightened awareness. Sometimes I just open the bottle and breathe in to help my lungs open, my mind expand increasing my awareness of the present moment. I find clarity for continued creativity with this aromatic presence. This remarkable essential oil may be put into a diffuser alone or in combination to get these stimulating and satisfying effects.