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Calendula CO2

MARIGOLD FLOWER    Calendula officinalis  Flower  (CO2 Total)   from Egypt 
Joyful Marigolds color relates to the solar plexus. Sensibly this indicates the remarkable and rejuvenative  powers held within 
this vibrant flower offering its benevolent traits to help us  maintain  willpower with integrity. Digestion upsets are eased with 
this gently potent tonic along with ease of tension. As a heart tonic much is achieved with the presence of this Spirit lifting plant.
There are a tremendous amounts of Powerful skin healing attributes which are available through the usage & proper application of this botanical. 
Calendula eases inflammation,  soothes burns and  reduces irritations. 
See book list for detailed info (CO2 extracts in Aromatherapy)

Obtained at higher pressures getting the volatiles along with the heavier molecules with plant waxes . 
It is a thick  substance which requires needs melting when  mixing.

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MARIGOLD FLOWER    Calendula officinalis  Flower  (CO2 Total)   from Egypt 
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